Too late

How dare you give your love
offer me all the kisses
I dreamed about
throughout my lonely nights?

How dare you say
I’m the only one
after all those tears
all the lame excuses
the incredible pain
that destroyed my heart?

The charming lies you told me
day after day
with your stunning blue eyes,
every short story
you made up smiling
made my soul die.

My heart is a desert
where nothing can grow
no one can inhabit
only the darkness in my soul.

I’m the only one who knows
about the sleepless nights
and the uncountable tears
rolling down on my face.

It’s too late,
I can’t make the time go back
and couldn’t make the love survive
It’s just gone away.
And now I roam
among shadows of what I used to be.

My life has no sense
my heart is empty
I don’t know what to do
with all the love
you wanna give me
coz it’s too late now
my heart is broken
my soul’s gone.

(Zailda Mendes)


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